Have any of you guys heard of nisim biofactors hairloss shampoo? it claims to lower DHT and control excessive hairloss within a week.Well, I’ve been suffering from propecia sides for about 6 months now and still losing hair, and I decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, within a matter of days i saw almost ZERO hairs in the shower after losing so many before.
However, it may just be in my head or a coincidence, but I noticed that as soon as the shampoo took effect, libido and ease of erections went down. Granted ive only used it for about a week, but still it worried me, so im going off it for now.
OH and i should probably mention that i started using this stuff while on Diesel Test Hardcore, and it seems like it slowly counteracted all the effects of the Diesel Test. But like i said, it was only a few days so it may just all be a coincidence or in my head.so my question is, could using this shampoo hurt my hormonal recovery from propecia? I’ve read some other posts mentioning how some shampoos such as tea tree oil do, but im mostly asking about this shampoo in particular. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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