Are there any products out there that will make my hair settle down a bit? Or any techniques? My hair is naturally poofy, especially after a shower. I have a long and relatively narrow face, which I'd like to show off, but it all gets thrown off with the poofy hair, making my head look like a mushroom. My hair looks best when it's near the end of the day or when I wake up from a nap. I've tried all sorts of stuff. Gel I hate, simply because it's sticky, makes my hair hard (I like it soft), and during the summer it gets really nasty. I've tried pomade, but it only brings down the hair on top of my head, so the sides are still poofy. Any ideas? It's definitely tough for me because most of the products out there are for increasing volume, which is exactly the opposite of what I'm looking for.

Please help.

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