I am a 27 year old male suffering from steroid rosacea. As a result, my facial skin has a red tone. Although the redness is slightly more prominent on my nose and left cheeck (I sleep on my right cheeck, so the skin on my right cheeck is less damaged than its left counterpart. (thinking)), the redness is present on my entire facial skin.Although my friends and family assure that my skin looks OK, the redness makes me feel insecure. Therefore, I have lately been applying green powder. The powder greatly reduces the redness. Unfortunately, however, my face starts to look shiny and somewhat red after a couple of hours, especially on the nose and cheecks. I have tried applying more powder to these areas, but the amount I can apply before it being noticeable is limited.Is there anything I can do to prevent the shiny areas that show up?
Also, I am open to alternatives to the powder I am using right now. Unfortunately, most "Almost make up" products on the market are too dark for my extremely light skin, which makes them very noticeable. Is there anything you could recommend that would look natural on me?

Please help

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https://rosacea-support.org/community/v … .php?t=948
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